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Foot surgeon in Brick

Foot doctor near Brick
Foot doctor near Brick

Dr. Theodore D’Amato is a widely known foot doctor near Brick, treating patients with all kinds of foot conditions, from ingrown toenails to heel pain. Our office brings the best in foot care to the area, with full service in a relaxing and friendly atmosphere. Dr. D’Amato believes that educating patients about all treatment options is the best way to start off their foot care in a positive manner. We treat toenail problems with laser therapy, offer foot surgery, and treat fungal toenails and sports injuries.

The foot contains many bones that could be injured and broken, requiring foot surgery. Most common foot surgeries done by our foot doctor near Brick include metatarsal surgery on the first metatarsal and correction of bunion deformities. Calluses on the foot and ulcerations may also require treatment or surgery, and fractures of any bone in the foot. Orthotics can be used to reduce pressure from bunions, but if they do not do the job, surgery may be required or recommended. Complex foot surgeries would require the patient to either have a cast or crutches to walk, especially if pins are used for the surgery. When calluses are removed, often metatarsal surgery is done to correct it, because without surgery the callus will most likely return.

After foot surgery the foot should be kept clean and dry and without too much movement to help prevent infection. Recovery time varies, depending on the person’s activity level, but after any major foot surgery done by our foot doctor near Brick we recommend patients stay home for at least a week minimum. The foot should stay elevated above the heart. Complications from foot surgery include infection, or failure for the bones to heal correctly. Also, if not taken care off, calluses can return to the same spot and aggravate the condition.

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