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Treating bunions in Silverton New Jersey

Foot specialist Silverton New Jersey
Foot specialist Silverton New Jersey

Bunions, a progressive foot condition that affects the large joint of the big toe, can cause deformities by spreading the metatarsal bone so the big toe appears to be moving inward. The joint becomes enlarged, painful and deformed over time, making it weaker. At the offices of Dr. Theodore D’Amato, our foot specialist Silverton New Jersey treats bunions, hammertoe and other foot problems that can affect the way a patient walks.

Bunions stick out to the side of the foot and begin to constantly rub against shoes, irritating them. Even worse, arthritis can affect the joint more easily, causing it to become stiff and sore. Bunions affect thousands of people each year and the condition can progress to an even worse state if it is not treated in time. Bunions can become debilitating over time if they aren’t taken care of. Living with bunions means turning to alternative ways of treating the foot, such as wearing modified shoes or considering foot surgery. Our foot specialist Silverton New Jersey is experienced in foot orthotics and provides treatment for bunions that help to reduce pain and swelling.

Bunions can also cause hammertoes, calluses and shin splints. The goal of bunion treatment is to immediately relieve pain and to prevent the bunions from progressing. Orthotic shoes may be prescribed to take the pain away by controlling the rubbing and irritation that is inevitable and happens with regular shoes. For more mild cases and temporary relief, our foot specialist Silverton New Jersey can prescribe acetaminophen and anti-inflammatory medicines to reduce swelling. Ice, staying off feet and wearing more comfortable shoes can provide relief quickly. If bunions become extremely restrictive, we will discuss surgery options, which can be highly effective to relieve bunions permanently. Our first route to healing bunions, however, is to try non-surgical methods.

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