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Lakewood Township Laser Foot Care

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Laser foot care in Lakewood Township

Lakewood Township laser foot care
Lakewood Township laser foot care

When your toenails become infected by fungus, it is a health hazard and often a cosmetic problem, too. Here at the office of Dr. Theodore D’Amato, we’re pleased to offer Lakewood Township laser foot care as treatment to rid you of the unsightly and unhealthy nail fungus.

How do your nails become infected in the first place? Typically, small cuts in the skin surrounding your nail open up a path for fungal infection. Fungus flourishes in environments that are warm and moist, and they cause foot issues with athlete’s foot as well as nail infections. Athlete’s foot may spread to your toes, making the nails a secondary target. Either way, you should take prompt action to deal with the concern. If you notice that your toenail has turned yellowish white, gotten thicker, or has split and separated from the skin, you are most likely a good candidate for our Lakewood Township laser foot care. Fungal nail infections may be painful. Walking can become difficult, and even putting on socks and shoes could be a challenge. When one toenail is infected, the chances are that the others will become so also, which is why there is a sense of urgency for our Lakewood Township laser foot care. Permanent damage is possible without the needed attention. Remember that fungal infections are not going to simply go away on their own. Lasers have become an incredibly useful tool in so many areas of healthcare in general, and foot care in particular. You get the desired outcome quickly and effectively, with virtually no chance of complications or residual pain.

Why should you have to live with fungal nails for even one minute longer than necessary? You can believe in our Lakewood Township laser foot care. Contact our office now and we will set up an appointment for you to come in.

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