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Lakewood Township Ulcer Treatment

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Lakewood Township ulcer treatment
Lakewood Township ulcer treatment

If you have diabetes, you probably already know that it is important that you have periodic foot exams. This is because when you have diabetes you are prone to developing many different types of foot problems, including foot ulcers. At our practice, Dr. Theodore D’Amato, patients are able to receive expert Lakewood Township ulcer treatment for their foot ulcer problems.

Patients with diabetes can develop many different types of foot problems resulting from poor circulation of the feet. These problems can include numbing and burning, loss of balance and strength, and foot ulcers. When foot ulcers are not treated, the infections can develop gangrene, and foot amputation may be needed. In these cases, the sooner that you receive medical treatment by our podiatrist, the better the chances are that serious complications from a foot ulcer will develop. As part of a regular diabetic exam, our foot doctor can provide you with a complete lower extremity evaluation and let you know how your diabetes has affected your feet. You will then be able to have a program of care developed just for you that will help to treat and reverse any existing problems, and keep future foot problems from developing. If you see that you have developed any type of foot ulcer, it is important that you come in to see our podiatrist immediately for Lakewood Township ulcer treatment. This will keep the ulcer from becoming worse and developing a serious problem such as gangrene. Since the bottom of your feet may be less sensitive, you will want to visually examine the bottom of your feet on a daily basis to make sure that you are not developing any foot ulcers or other problems. When a patient has diabetes it is important that all foot problems are treated early before any problems can develop – even if the foot problem is a simple corn.

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