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Fracture care in Silverton

Silverton podiatry office
Silverton podiatry office

You can sustain a fracture in nearly any bone, including those of the toe and in the instep of your foot. But the area that is most likely to have a fracture is your ankle. Our Silverton podiatry office offers a variety of valuable services that are related to your general foot and ankle health. Among them is the diagnosis, evaluation, and care of fractures.

The first, and most important question to answer is whether or not you have a fracture. In some cases, where a fracture is extreme, there will be little if any doubt. This occurs especially with displaced fractures, in which the two piece of the bone move away from each other and are no longer lined up properly; or with an open fracture, where the bone punctures the skin. Those are very serious, and will most often require surgery to treat them properly. But not every fracture is that obvious. Sometimes, a non-displaced fracture, one in which the two parts of the bone remain lined up, or even a hairline fracture, can mimic the signs of a strain or sprain. What’s the difference? A strain affects your muscle, while a sprain is related to the ligament. A fracture is a break to the bone. What it true, though, is that our Silverton podiatry office needs to examine your foot and probably take x-rays to determine if it is indeed a fracture. You should not ignore a potential fracture, even if there is little pain involved. A hairline fracture can turn into a full one, and a non-displaced one to a displaced one if you keep walking and putting pressure on it without proper treatment.

Depend on our Silverton podiatry office as your specialist when it comes to all problems related to your foot or ankles. And call us right away when it comes to fracture care.

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